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            BRAND CULTURE

            • Leadership
            • Survival through Quality
              Continuation with Market
              Brilliance with Efficiency
              Excellence through Cooperation
            • Party Construction in Lead
              Focus on Development
              Performance Orientation
              Compliance and Efficiency
            • Striving To Be the Top

              Driving Personal Progress with Top Standards to Surpass Oneself with Continuous Self-renewal

              Leading Advantageous Industry with Top Strength to Create a Bright Future with Better Performance

            • Core values

            • Operation Philosophy

            • Management Philosophy

            • Enterprise Spirits

            Group Profiles

            Ccre Group Attaches Great Importance To The Cultivation Of Employees' Comprehensive Qualities And The Development Of Their Professional Skills, Builds A Learning-oriented Team, Enables Employees To Grow Together With The Enterprise, And Strives To Achieve A Common Development Of The Enterprise, Society, And Employees.